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Welcome to Lavender Hill

Nestled in the countryside of Flamborough, Ontario is where it all began... as the land was being planned and worked, and the rows of lavender were being planted, the idea of offering all natural, hand poured products, was a vision that started to come to life. With the blessings of Mother Earth, and enduring the process of cultivating glorious lavender, this powerful purple plant started to lead the way.


Home Accents

Discover everything for the home from our curated collection of lavender items for the kitchen, bedroom, laundry, and more!


For those moments of relaxation and renewal, shop our lavender scented collection of bath salts, soaps, pillow mists, and more.



Enjoy our selection of blended teas for the perfect cup of calm.

Our Promise

We believe in the power of self care, awareness, and conscious consumption. We take great pride and efforts in making the world a better place. Our products are made by hand, so we know exactly what goes into each one. Each ingredient is carefully selected to deliver the highest quality results. It is our mission to support the Earth, to celebrate love, and to make life beautiful. 


We go to great lengths to ensure that our raw ingredients, packaging, and process are as kind to the environment as they are to your body & home.  

• We avoid single use plastic. All our bottles are made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled materials and are recyclable. 

• We have an ethical sourcing policy with all our suppliers. 

• Everything we make is cruelty free and vegan friendly.​

• Our boxes are made from approved sustainable cardboard from managed forests. 


Taking Action 


Our commitment goes beyond just our products. Each year, we partner with charitable organizations for causes that are near and dear to our heart. 

Meet the Founder

A mother of four children, certified aromatherapist, and Reiki practitioner, Janine’s journey began by sharing products with family & friends over the years. She has a passion for looking after our people, our growing community, plants, botanicals, and our Planet. She personally curates each product formula, while every part of the process is done with intention and love. Many, many joyful, loving, and caring hours have gone into making sure our products are as beautiful on the outside as they are in the inside. It is our hope that you enjoy them, as much as we enjoy making them. 

With love & gratitude,

Lifestyle Boxes

Take the guesswork out of gifting with our carefully curated lifestyle boxes, wrapped and ready to send to a special friend or loved one.

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