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This handcrafted eye pillow is made from 100% cotton fabric and filled with 50% organic lavender and 50% organic flaxseed.

Eye pillows are beneficial for relaxing, aiding sleep, and inducing a feeling of wellbeing. They are also used in yoga, & pilates classes and can also be used as an an aid in meditation, or for aching & tired body muscles, or headaches & migraines.
The natural fragrance calms the mind and the delicate weight of the pillow is subtle acupressure for the eye muscles to soothe stress and tension in the mind and body.

Resting our eyes from daily stresses ~ tension from driving, computer screen glare, and mobile phone use, with an eye pillow will help the eyes and nervous system to release and relax.

The eye pillow can be placed both in the freezer as a cold pack, and in the microwave as a heat pack.

Removable cotton cover / case which is machine washable in cold water.
Separate inner fill pouch.

A selection of fabrics available.

Unscented available upon request.

9.5”l x 4.5”w

Aromatherapy Weighted Eye Pillow

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